The Book

Forthcoming in the Language as Social Action series from Peter Lang Publishing.

Conversing With Cancer informs the growing field of Health Communication, which studies how patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals interact and how to improve those interactions. This book is perfect for instructors who want to develop an illness-specific section of a course and for students who want in-depth study of cancer communication or an example of how health communication applies to a specific illness.

Each person whose life is affected by a cancer diagnosis—patient, healthcare provider, caregiver—holds information and needs information in order to make the best decisions possible under the circumstances. A deeper knowledge of communication processes can help anyone negotiate this difficult time, exert some control in a sometimes uncontrollable situation, and work toward better health outcomes for individuals so that they can lead the best life possible.

NIHhandsWho can benefit from reading this book?

  • Scholars in Cancer and Health Communication
  • Students in Health Communication
  • Oncologists and Other Physicians
  • Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals
  • Medical Students and Nursing Students
  • Cancer Patients
  • Caregivers
  • Family Members and Friends of someone with cancer

Why did we write this book?

NIHcancerAs the authors of Conversing With Cancer, we have been researching and writing about this topic for more than 25 years combined. We have lost parents to cancer so we have a personal stake in these issues. Now, we’ve come together to share what we’ve learned. We want everyone involved in cancer care to share information, make the best possible decisions together, and to understand each other’s perspectives. That begins with Health Communication.


More about Conversing With Cancer is coming soon! In the meantime, read Anna Leahy’s article at The Atlantic about medical ports used in chemotherapy treatment.


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